28 Jun 2012

Turns out @AntiCensorship_ is so opposed to censorship that they won't let this comment through...

I posted the following under a pseunodym (I'm not posting it here because I also used it when I decided to email A4E the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up", also, I might use it again for another reason), whilst there is a possibility that the comment was rejected due to the e-mail address ending in "Mailinator.net", I'd like to point out that this is The Activists I'm talking about here. Whilst I did chastise them in the comment for jumping to conclusions, I have to conclude that they probably think that any comment criticising them is counterrevolutionary and should be blocked. Even though that's censorship. Oh the irony. (note: I posted this at 10:06pm, another comment has gone up since, so chances are they saw it, and one comment asked if we'd rather be the Allies or the "Gestabo" so my spelling mistake isn't an issue).

"Look, stop jumping to conclusions. I’ve seen those accounts, and I know they tweeted the link to the place where you’re meant to buy the books (which, having had some preview of the content, I know I won’t be doing) roughly every 10 tweets at the most conservative estimate (based on the still extant AntiStockMarket).
This, coupled with the probable relatively low follower counts of the specific accounts in question, may have led to them being mistaken for spambots, and in turn led to them being blocked and reported. If this has happened a few times (say, if someone’s warned their friends), chances are it will have in sum set twitter’s anti-spam algorithm off, leading to the suspension. At the very least, I’d give them a week or so to investigate.
There is, of course, the possibility that there was an en masse reporting done maliciously, due to the content of the accounts (although I would like to point out that many of those who dislike them prefer to instead have the accounts present to laugh at them).
In either case, I would not be so quick as to point the finger.
Furthermore, if twitter is, in fact, performing censorship, I would suggest that you look into any evidence of this occuring[sic] long-term elsewhere. At the very least, the variation in content could help save AntiCensorship_ from a similar (albeit highly ironic, and slightly unjustified) fate, and exposure of other cases would help establish if this is a long term trend."

Yeah, I'm actually meant to be writing a thing about tax, but I couldn't resist calling out their BS. Also, I'd read some pretty upsetting stuff (I'm reluctant to say "triggering" since I don't think any possible trauma I've been through will have been enough to give me triggers), and needed a mental break.

But, anyway, "Anti Censorship" my arse...

(This is the post the comment was went to be on, as you can tell, I don't actually think the accounts should have been suspended, even if they are by The Activists, but I also reckon it was a mistake rather than malice on twitter's part).

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