27 Dec 2011

Citing Injustice

 EDIT: yeah, this didn't work out. Gonna leave this up though since I only Orwell stuff if I have really good reasons to.

A few months ago, I started a twitter account called "CitingInjustice", I decided to make it in response to an account entitled "InjusticeFacts", "an open, circulating, that deal[s] with the injustices which plague our world". The problem was that, due to not actually requiring any proof, it had posted a number of pretty blatantly false 'facts' (at this point for full disclosure purposes I should point out that I have several issues with the Activist Socialist Party (the group I think runs the account), but this in part comes from the issues I have with InjusticeFacts). meanwhile, injustice still exists.

I promptly failed to actually do anything much with the account, making only 3 tweets, in part because I was the only one doing all the work and I made it bloody difficult for myself in addition to this.

Anyway, I've decided to make a full-on blog for Citing Injustice over at Wordpress.com, and it'll operate off a roughly similar submission system (well, it's a hybrid of that and the one the broader ASP uses on their Wordpress site), since, much like the Death Eaters in Harry Potter, they have had some good ideas that are worth stealing. Even stopped clocks are twice once a day n'all that.

So yeah, this post was pretty much an announcement for this project. Note that, whilst I'm the main person who runs it ATM, I am not averse to any help, advice and/or criticism you want to give me.

NB: A large part of this post was 'nicked' and modified from the About page of Citing Injustice.

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